Our Hawaiian Honeymoon :)

December 2013, a few weeks after we were married, Josh met me up in Portland and we flew out for our Hawaiian Honeymoon! We spent about 1 week on the island of Kauai and 1 week on the island of Oahu. Our Honeymoon fell over Christmas break, and while we both missed our families A LOT, we were so grateful to have that much time together. Here are a few highlight photos!


Hubby letting me use his noise canceling headphones 🙂 Its about a 6 hr flight to Hawaii from the West coast.


This was the beautiful view from our Kauai hotel. The beach is super close and there is a little trail you can run that comes from either side! We went boogie boarding out here one day (Not so successfully for me- but still fun!) And went for a little morning beach run Christmas morning!

524706713These are some pictures from the Dole Pineapple Plantation! You have probably heard of the Dole Whip (which is like a pineapple slushy) that they serve. This was a big hit with Josh (he likes the fruity treats- but I’m more of a chocolate girl). They also have a train you can ride around and learn the history of pineapples, and once you get back inside they give you samples! Sometimes they put this red dust on them which is supposed to enhance the flavor. Josh loved the pineapple knife demonstration, and we ended up getting one! It makes me feel safer while cutting pineapple! 522521526


616Funny story: We had planned on staying at a hotel in Oahu that was in our price range (so pretty cheap) but after a tip from Josh’s Mom, we read the reviews. It turned out that the hotel had really bad reviews about how unsafe the hotel area was. We decided it would be worth a little extra money to be safe and ended up booking the Equus Hotel and loved it! The staff is SO wonderful. The first day we were greeted with a Pineapple boat hand made by one of the staffed named John. Also, if you come during Polo season, you get free tickets to watch Polo matches at the owners ranch! (If you go there say “Hi” to John from us! He is wonderful!)
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While we were on Oahu, Josh let me get one of those drinks out of a pineapple! 617621622 625645649660 693

I totally recommend both the book and app ‘The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook’ by Andrew Doughty. The app was especially helpful for finding restaurants/attractions and even has a map function that can guide you there! They also have a version of this book for each of the other islands if you are traveling there.


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