Five on Friday

Happy Friday! For most of you, Friday is just winding down and the weekend is about to begin!

Here is a list of 5 things I’m tankful for this week. Please feel free to comment down below with something(s) you are thankful for this week, I’d love to hear about it!

1) Getting to talk to family

I finally got to talk to my Dad and older Brother for the first time since getting here! It seems weird that its been over a month, and Im glad we are figuring out what works for communication!

2)This verse:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and that life was the Light of men.”

John 1:1-4 NSAB

This verse hit me anew today. I think it is so beautiful how God is the same forever, so not only did all things come into being through Him – but all things are coming into being through him (thinking of all my pregnant friends πŸ™‚ – and not only was He life and the Light of men, but He is and will always be life and the Light of men!

3) The Tea Garden


A friend and I went to this English style Tea Garden in Fussa yesterday. I hope to write a separate post about this experience, but it was so, so peaceful. Even though it’s in the middle of the city, it’s right on the Tama River and surrounded by trees and plants of all kinds. It’s like a little escape from city life, which is much welcome for this girl!


4) Getting my teeth cleaned

By the time a year rolls around, I’m alway so ready for this! I had a Japanese native (civilian contractor) clean my teeth and she did an AMAZING job.

5) A good outdoor run

Yesterday I got outside for a run and surprisingly felt really good (despite the 93 degree heat). I’ve been working out inside lately to avoid the heat and humidity, but it was so nice to get outside for a bit yesterday!


What are you most thankful for from this past week?

β™₯ Kaci


6 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. I’m thankful for you! And it’s good to see all you’re doing there. God is faithful and I’m also grateful for his grace! Love you!


  2. I am also thankful for you, Kaci Lynn!! Your spirit is abounding with joy and you bring so much joy to everyone who knows you πŸ™‚ I am also thankful for the fresh smell of the forest (went on a hike with friends yesterday) and for the quietness we found there!


    • I love you my Shani friend! Rachel used to call that smell “sun on warm pine” – what a glorious smell. Im glad you got to escape the classroom craziness! Oh, I hope one day we can live very close to one another πŸ˜€


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