Mango Carrot Ginger Smoothie

IMG_0244 Did you know Japan has Costco??? YES! It is very similar to Costco in America, except the meat/seafood/produce is sometimes local, and you NEVER go on Sunday. And that’s not just anecdote, its a warning! The first time we tried to go to Costco, we forgot it was Sunday, and there was a line of cars a half mile in every direction waiting to get in to the parking garage! Not to mention the massive line of people lined up at the front door. Needless to say we scraped the Costco visit that day- No giant muffin is worth that madness!! I’ve been back since then, and the last time I felt compelled to grab this beautiful bunch of Ginger! IMG_0246 I had never seen so much fresh ginger in one place, and I have heard about the health benefits several times. Here is a recipe I developed to use the ginger. The first attempt was a fail… but at least I learned a few things: i.e. cottage cheese + ginger = not a good idea … you think this would be obvious?? Ha ha! Here is the winner recipe after a bit of experimentation!

Mango, Carrot, Ginger Smoothie

1 Banana – cut into chunks and frozen

1-2 Ice cubes

1/2 Cup plain or vanilla Yogurt (I use Greek for some protein)

1/2 Cup Frozen Mango chunks

1- 1/2 tsp Fresh Ginger (start with less and add more as desired)

1 good sized Carrot cut into chunks

Optional: Splash of Vanilla, Dash of Cinnamon, Top with Granola or cereal for a crunch!

The first time I made this smoothie I was A) out of yogurt (hence the cottage cheese) B) a little too excited about the ginger. I ended up adding a big 1.5 inch piece which was a little too potent for the morning! I also found these GIANT bananas, the picture doesn’t do it justice… IMG_0241 What are some of your favorite ways to use ginger? I’m all ears since I have such an abundant stash right now!! ♥ Kaci


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