A Reputation for Honesty

Words to live by from a wise couple we love…

When Josh and I were first dating, he was attending school in Colorado Springs and I was at Montana Tech. Each time I flew down to visit, he arranged for me to stay with an amazing couple who’s son used to be roommates with Josh.

They had this saying hand written on a piece of paper, taped up in the kitchen:

A Reputation forHonesty is Worth Far

I didn’t realize the impact these words would have on my life at the time, but a few years later I started dental school and found myself in the most stressful and draining situations. No matter how strong we are, we each have a ‘breaking point’. We get so tired, so frustrated, so afraid etc. that it’s difficult to see clearly and make the right choice- especially when it’s the hard choice.

Whenever there is constant pressure to perform at a high level, and unrealistic expectations of perfection being put on you (by yourself or others) the temptation to give up, take a ‘short cut’, or even cheat (bend the truth etc.)  is tremendous. This is especially true when “everyone is doing it” and when doing the task the right way seems out of reach due to exhaustion, frustration, or feelings of incompetence.

I cannot remember what event triggered the memory of this saying, but it was somewhere in 1st year lab. And every time I’ve had a question about the integrity of something I was about to do I would repeat “My reputation for honesty is worth far more that anything I could ever gain by compromising it.”

So many times, this was just the push I needed to do the RIGHT thing and not just the easy thing. And other times I’ve paced back and fourth praying for the strength to live up to these words. No one is perfect – we are all human and have insecurities, fears, and a limit on how much we can handle. But God is gracious. He gives us a chance to start fresh every day, to do this day the right way – and to build a good and trustworthy reputation.

What about you?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that was more than you could handle on your own?

How do you keep going in the right way when your exhausted?


2 thoughts on “A Reputation for Honesty

  1. Kacebear- thank you for sharing this! I love you so! Your truth and honesty throughout dental school says a lot about how strong you are- Josh is one lucky man!!! (In a good way, you both are lucky to have one another! 🙂 ))

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    • My friend! I am not perfect by any means. Our awesome friends and church were so encouraging to stay strong! I hope someday we can be those wise old ladies to give another generation courage to push through! xoxo


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