Five on Friday #3

Happy Friday!!

It’s that time of the week where we recall the things that we are thankful for! I love it when you jump in in the comments section below!

1) Laughing with my Husband

I think I’ve laughed more over the last 2 months of being together that I have in the last year apart! That guy is just so darn funny and unpredictable.


2) Facetime

I got to FaceTime with one of my very best friends for a good while yesterday! I seriously don’t know why we had never thought of it before, but the makers of Video chats are awesome. We got to see each others little houses and think about curtains and decoration combinations together. Man, it is way harder than I thought to find just the right bed spread/ curtain combination – something they don’t tell you in preparation for marriage! #tryingtobeawife #needdesignhelp

3) Cooking Dinners

I finally feel like I’ve gotten in a groove of making dinners for two people on a regular basis (with out ridiculous left overs). At first I used to make a giant dinner once or twice a week and we would end up eating it for a week! BBQ pork is good… but not every night for a week! If you have any tips for cooking for two – where you don’t end up with crazy left overs – Im all ears!

On a related note.. check out this Giant Japanese Carrot!


4) Looking forward to a fun weekend

We have been talking about re-arranging our house – this weekend we are planning on moving around our furniture and I’m really excited!! It’s fun to dream up where we can put what – and what fits where – I’m not alone in this right?!  We also have a date night planned with some friends and a 1st birthday party to attend. It’s shaping up to be a fun one!

5) Puppies everywhere

People in Japan LOVE dogs! The smaller and cuter the better. Many stores are dog friendly and people tote around their pups with them wherever they go. There are even Dog friendly shopping carts, so they don’t hurt their paws when they ride. The Pups here are usually very well behaved and spoiled like crazy. It makes since when the average puppy costs around $2,000.00!

3 thoughts on “Five on Friday #3

    • Fare, we would seriously LOVE to get a puppy! We would get one tomorrow if we could.. but we want a specific breed (Vizsla) because they will hunt with Josh and run with me (and are good with kids)- but they don’t have them here 😦 I think we will have to wait until we get back to the States to get one.


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