Boredom Fighting Run!

Hello Friends! 

I wanted to pop in today a share one of my favorite run ideas with you! This is a great run for when you feel burned out on running the same old 4 mile loop, or you are a treadmill runner looking to change things up a bit! I have also found it works well when someone is new to distance running, and needs a little mental distraction to help the miles truck along. It is also a great run for those looking to build their speed and break out of that ‘long, slow pace.’

Boredom Fighting Run

*Fast pace- this should feel more difficult, but is a pace you can maintain for 2 min strait. Think of this as your pace if you were running a 1 mile race. On the treadmill I like to bump it up 1.0- 1.5 for this 2 min segment. (i.e.: warm up= 6.0 mph, Race pace= 7.0-7.5 mph)

*Recovery pace- about your 5K pace. You should have regained your breath with in this minute. It’s ok if this pace slows as you progress, just focus on pushing it during your 2 min fast.

This is the basic template, but feel free to mix it up for whatever suits you! Sometimes if I’m having a sore day, or when Im getting back into running after a break, I like to inverse the race/recovery times towards the end (Ie: 1 min race, 2 min recovery). If that works better for you, do that! This is just simply a tool to help you 1) keep your mind distracted 2) build speed 3)vary the intensity of your workout during the secession.

And look at that! If you run 5 sets, you will have been running for 25 min (approx 2.5-3miles depending on pace) and 31 min if you’ve run 7 sets. During the warm up and cool down alone you’ve already run around 1 mile! (and trust me, the cool down feels really nice after all that sprinting).

I hope this workout inspires you to mix it up the next time you’re out for a run or trucking along on the treadmill!

What are some of your favorite ways to fight boredom on your runs?


*note: I am not a fitness or running expert- always listen to your body, and do what works for you. Remember to consult a Medical Professional as to which workouts are right for you.

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