What are you?!?

Periodically while walking around Japan (or any new place really) I come across something that makes me say “What are you?!?” in wonder and amazement.

Here is an example from today where I stumbled upon some flowers that are quite unique…

IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0601 IMG_0604 IMG_0605

If you know what types of flowers these are leave a message in the comments! Wouldn’t they be beautiful in a garden?

Have you ever come across something— a dog, plant, gadget, street sign etc. that made you say “What are you?!?”

♥ Kaci


4 thoughts on “What are you?!?

  1. I love these flowers!!! So spiraley!!!
    I’ve never thought that in America before (or not to my immediate recollection)- but I bet you see a lot of new things in Japan! I love it! Thank you for sharing your finds!! 🙂


    • Fare! Yes, aren’t they unique?? Today on my run I saw bunches and bunches of the red ones! And two of my neighbors have the white ones. There was a house right down the street from us with a bunch of flours and they had one big one in front that made me say “What are you?!?” if you go walk by there check it out!!


      • haha, Kace I love the way you look at life! Its so awesome that you’re able to see different forms of life in Japan! Seeing Gods grace in the beautiful creations he makes for us all over the world! YAY!!!

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      • Yes! It is crazy to think that there are so many new plants, trees, flowers — not to mention food, buildings and people! When you went to Ecuador, what was your favorite new thing? And did they eat those “shrimp chips” there?


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