Five on Friday #4


It’s almost the weekend, and it’s shaping up to look like a great one over here in Fussa! The temps are supposed to be high 70’s low 80’s – which is perfect for the “Friendship Festival” we have coming up on Base. The Friendship Festival is a once-a-year event where the Japanese natives are invited on base (on the flight line, in fact) where all the different clubs and organizations on base sell various american foods – burgers, fries, cookies, jalapeño popcorn… (its a pilot thing) etc. I guess thousands of Japanese natives come on base which makes for a huge event, I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway, lets get into the 5 things I’m most thankful for this week (or the last few weeks – since It has been a few!)…

  1. Rachel and Richie’s Montana Wedding!- Oooooh my word this was so fun! Rachel (I like to call her my sister) got married Sep 5th to such an amazing man. It’s the best when you get to be part of a wedding that you know is just so right. Joy. Just Joy all day! I’ll have to see if I can share some photos on the blog. It was super smoky for weeks leading up to the wedding, but then the rains rolled in and cleared it all up! The day of what hauntingly beautiful with the green field, the grey skies with the sun breaking through… it was gorgeous, just gorgeous.               IMG_0507
  2. Seeing Both my Montana Families- it seems like Family makes it into my top 5 every week, but what can I say – they’re just awesome. One of my favorite memories is when Dad and I got to harvest all the beats from Mom’s garden. We made a super good dinner of beats with feta and sautéed beat greens. It’s the simple things 🙂 IMG_0556
  3. Butter Chicken Curry- We had this for the first time at a place called “Tiger Curry” and I was pleasantly surprised that it was very tomato-y. It’s almost like an enhanced tomato soup with a tiny bit of spice and chicken, so good! I tried to re-create it at home, and while my version was good – it wasn’t the same. I’m gonna keep trying!
  4. New Bible Study- I finally got plugged in to a great Bible study! It’s been SO refreshing to be around women who share the same faith. Having this community has made me feel more and more at home.
  5. The Rain- the last few nights there have been some awesome thunderstorms. It has been so nice to have some cooler weather and here the thunder early in the morning.

What are you thankful for this week? I love hearing from you!

♥ Kaci


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