There has been a thought developing in my mind for awhile now. It started after finishing up school and moving in with Josh.

For the first time in 22 years I was completely done with school. No tests to take, no assignments to worry about, no reading to do, no weird first-day-of-school-I-forgot-to-go-to-a-class-dreams (ok this still happens…) anyway, I had a lot more time on my hands than usual. PLUS I finally got to be a WIFE! The at home version who gets to cook and make lists and light candles and make the house smell good!


Amanda Marshall over at Marshalls Abroad recommended a book to me called “The Hidden Art of Homemaking” by Edith Schaeffer. The book gives “Creative ideas for enriching everyday life,” there are chapters for music, painting, food, flower arrangements, writing, clothing and more. I was surprised to find that even chapters that I didn’t think I would find particularly interesting (i.e: Drama and music) have many creative and fun ideas to enhance your day-to-day … even if you are an “amateur” in these areas! The message I got was – no matter how good or bad you are in an area i.e: drawing, everyone can do something in this area to enhance their lives and the lives of their loved ones. From little hearts on a note in your spouses lunch box, to stick figure drawings to illustrate a point to children from a Bible story- everyone can do something.

One chapter that grabbed my attention was the chapter “Gardens and Gardening.” Living in Japan, there are SO many urban gardens. Flowers and plants, food gardens and rock gardens… all like little works of Art!


My parent’s garden in Montana

So what did I do?! I got a little basil plant from the grocery store! Considering we have a cement/rock pad for a yard- this was my something I could do. Oh, that little guy. He was so little and scraggly at first- but he lived through torrential rain storms, high wind, scorching heat (I tried to save him from these!) and become bushy and gorgeous! It was so fun to be able to add fresh basil to our homemade pizza, tomato salad, sausage and kabocha squash with pasta sauce etc.

Since then I see my neighbors with beautiful cherry tomato vines, red and yellow – plump purple eggplants growing, long rows of green bushy produce – and I so want to go dig in the soil! Plant something and watch it grow (or hope it grows) – the excitement as the fruits and veggies start to appear! How will you use those beautiful tomatoes? What special dish can you put together to highlight the fruits of your labor?


Our Neighbor’s Tomatoes

How cool is that? You plant a seed – and somehow all the parts to a tomato come out of it! The juiciness, the acidity, the bright red skin- all from a little seed, some soil, water and sunshine. Something from nothing. Something you can eat and share that enriches your life and nourishes your body and your loved ones.

Even though we can go to the store and buy any type of produce you could want, no waiting for it to become perfectly ripe, no worry about if its going to frost and ruin the crop… there is something special about eating your cucumbers, your spicy radishes! There is also a certain creativity that is unleashed when something in your garden becomes perfectly ripe – and you have to find a way to use it all! —i.e. How can I encoporate snow peas into dinner tonight?— There is something to be said for eating a food in it’s season, when its packed with rich flavor and full of all of what God intended it to be full of.


Second flower garden of the year planted in this corner of the park across the street

Anyway… Now that I went on that rant! Don’t you think there is something special about gardening? It hit me recently that the earth started out as a garden. God could have made the earth anything he wanted! But he chose a garden. He chose for our beginning, our roots, our history – to start out in a beautiful and nourishing garden.

Doesn’t that just make you want to plant something?!?!

Doesn’t that make you want to smell the soil and work the earth. To learn how to reap all that it has to offer us! Even if you have a tiny 2’x2′ plot of land to call your own – even if your a city girl with a cement lawn – what is your something?

I pray that the Lord would teach us more and more about Himself. I pray that we would learn to respect His earth, and appreciate its fruit. I pray that just as he walked with Adam and Eve in “the cool of the day” that His Spirit would dwell in our hearts as we smell and work and taste and see just how good He really is. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Have you ever had a garden? What would you like to grow if you could? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section down below!

Much ♥ Kaci

2 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Kaci, you are a gardener at heart!! I too would have a basil plant because I could keep it year round inside, and I love basil. If I had a garden outside, it would have peppers of all kinds and rows and rows of peas!! You know how much I love them. 😉


    • Ha ha Yes I know you love those! And fresh “real” baby carrots! You would have to have a good fence to keep those deer out. I remember having a HUGE Pea harvest in Butte so I’m thinking you guys could grow tons!


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