Five on Friday #5

Hi Friends and Family! How has your week been?

It’s Friday!! Do you have any plans for the weekend? The Hubby and have been wanting to hike Mt. Matake soon (North West of where we are) and might a chance to get out there this weekend!

There are so many things to be thankful for this week, here are just a few…

  1. Josh came home!!!!!!!!!! He got in eeeeeeaaaarly on Sunday morning. Its always SO nice to have him home. While he was gone last week I finished unpacking the last room in our house (the office) and setting up the guest bed in there. Honestly, I don’t think either of us though that room would get organized before we will move again (in a month or two) – but I got it all put together, and was super proud to show Josh this surprise once he arrived home! It has also been fun to be able to cook for someone again. Cooking for myself is ok… but it feels so good to make a meal and share it together!
  2. Maternity photos with friends: Our friends Eric and Amanda are about to welcome a little girl into the world, and Josh and I had the pleasure of taking some photos of them before she comes! Lucy, their yellow lab came along, which made for some super fun photos —- although I’m not sure how happy she was to have to “pose” – ha ha! We had so many laughs, love these four!                                                                       NIK_0178NIK_0207
  3. Fly fishing on the river: Josh had some time off early in the week since he didn’t get in until Sunday. We were off to a slow start on Monday, but were able to make it up the Tama to a town called Ome (North west of us following the Ome train line). There were tons of families picnicking and swimming, and we were able to find a quiet little spot for Josh to fly fish while I hunted for treasures 🙂                                                            IMG_0676IMG_0703IMG_0697
  4. Packages from my Moms and ornamental pumpkins! I got a package from BOTH moms this week and it was super fun! My Momma sent me some ornamental pumpkins to decorate with this fall. I was super excited about this since I haven’t seen any pumpkins since living here and have heard that we don’t get them in. So thoughtful! Not to mention she replenished my peanut butter supply…. 🙂 Josh’s Mom sent me part of my birthday present which also included fall decorations! I got pheasant feathers and fall flowers from her on top of candy corn and thank you cards (she listens so well!) I just feel super blessed. Thank you Lord.                                                          IMG_0709 IMG_0716
  5. The Friendship festival! I think I mentioned this last week, but it is where the Japanese public comes on base for one weekend and we share food, music and have all different planes on display! One of the planes that was displayed is the C-130 H (which is what Josh flies) – And I worked the Swag table on Saturday. Things I have learned from this experience:
    1. Japanese people are PRO picnickers! Seriously! Most families brought picnic blankets, and there were hundreds of people eating lunch under the shade of the plane’s wings.
    2. Gatorade is popular – we sold around 100 gatorades in about 5 hours. I think this can be attributed to one of the Japanese natives who translated what Gatorade IS for us… this was a problem last year when trying to describe this sports drink to customers.
    3. People walked MILES with young children, strollers, older individuals…. I was super impressed to see how far people were walking from to make it to the festival. And no one was complaining! The patients and endurance of the Japanese people that I have seen (in general) is amazing!

IMG_0649 IMG_0669 IMG_0670

What about YOU? What are you thankful for this Friday???

♥ Kaci


5 thoughts on “Five on Friday #5

  1. I am so thankful for goat reclaims this week! They were a handful! And for Jacki coming back on Tue:) Glad you liked the fall care package!


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