A Prayer for the Airman’s Wife

For the wives of the Airmen lost in the recent C-130 crash in Afghanistan – to every Pilot, Loadmaster, Navigator, or any other Military wife – who’s worst fear has been realized.



You know I don’t know what to say. There is nothing to say to make it right. It will never be right. And it’s ok – you know, Jesus – the deep, indescribable pain. I pray for her, help her to deeply and fully grieve. Lord, I pray that she knows- and that you will help her sense that she can take her time. She has all the time she needs, you were never afraid of things taking too much time. I pray that as she feels weak and vulnerable, that you would protect her. That you would guard her mind, and that she would know the freedom she has to not be ok.

Today I pray, that as she receives her husband home – not in the way any of us (who have never lost someone this close) can imagine – that you would give her clarity of mind to process. And grace – so much grace. For herself… that she can do and be whatever she needs to. I pray that she would feel enough strength for each moment as it comes.

I pray that as the days go on – and on, that she would know that a lot of time is ok. And I pray- that even though she may not feel it or see it now – you would give her a light of hope in her heart. However dim it may feel at times, I pray that as the days turn into months and the months to years – this hope would help her to know that she will feel joy again. That she is deeply, deeply loved by you. That she is not out of the game – no matter how long it takes, or how many set backs she has.

I pray that you would continue to put her on the heart of her family and friends long after all the sympathy cards are gone. There is nothing alright about what has happened- there is only today. Please, give her enough of Your Spirit for today.

Thank you for the time these wives have had with the one’s they love so, so much. I pray for more in eternity.

Thank you for the time I have had with my love, I know I’m blessed, and some haven’t had as much time as we have. Please give us grace to love them imperfectly in the day-to-day, and to be unafraid to love them deeply, with our whole hearts.

In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.


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