Early Fall Near Sakura House

Last Friday I took the camera out to try and capture some early Fall moments in the neighborhood around our house.

In Japan, many times the houses have names. Our house’s name is “Sakura House” which means “Cherry Blossom House.” I think this is because one block West of our house is a trail lined with cherry blossom trees. In the Spring, this trail is lined with pink lanterns as far as the eye can see. It’s a most wonderful thing to see these all lit up at night!

This Early Fall season is beautiful in a different way, so crisp – the air is full of life!


Um, what are you little purple flower?




I call this one “Oh, Hello River”



I call this one “Oh, Hello Beautiful Crimson Branch”


DSC_0231Sakura trees


I call this one “Oh, Hello Fall”




Love this one. Hello, Sakura tree.


These are some unique purple flowers I have never seen before.

They just sprung up, and their stems are white to light green.


Happy Early Fall 🙂 Can’t you just feel this bush about to light up in bright reds and oranges?!

What is your favorite thing about the changing season?

I love how the air starts to get crisp and smells like leaves. And pumpkin bread.

♥ Kaci

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