Five on Friday #7

Hello Loved Ones!

It’s Friday already?!?! Today has been a special Friday for us, Josh has the day off, so it feels just like a Saturday! After spending the first part of the day figuring out a miss-hap with our rent :/ we are looking forward to a long walk and some laughs with our friends Eric and Amanda. We are so excited to meet their Baby A in less than a week! It seems like yesterday we found out they were expecting.

Lets get started today reflecting on the things from this week that we are most thankful for. I love reading your comments about what has happened over the last week and what your most thankful for! ♥

1)Prayers for our Airmen. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support for the families effected by the recent C-130 crash. It has been a privilege to lift them up with you, and was great to pray with everyone in Bible study. I know how powerful your prayers are and how much they mean to God, and the families. It is changing things on earth, to be as they should be- as they are in Heaven- and Im so blessed to know you all who prayed.


2)Friends to the rescue- On Wednesday, I went to Costco to do a big grocery shopping trip. After I had gotten all the groceries, I was on my way up the cart escalators (they have these inclined moving sidewalks that hook your cart and pull it up the parking garage levels in switch back pattern- if that makes sense?) – I was looking for my car keys and couldn’t find them.. I figured they were somewhere floating in my purse. I started to get more and more concerned when I basically emptied my purse to no avail… So I checked the car… and there they were… in the ignition.

It also wasn’t all bad because I got to talk to one of my friends Katie while I tried to break in using a bobby pin and plastic bag (with no success.. do I even need to say that? ha!)

Our Friends Eric and Amanda graciously came to my rescue (even though Costo can be over a 30 min drive). It was weird though, that I felt peace in the midst of this bad situation even though I would usually be stressed and nervous. Lately I have been reading through 1st and 2nd Peter, and doing the Genesis Bible Study I mentioned last week– I’ve got to say, It has been awhile since I’ve been in the Word this much, and the Peace over me lately has been tangible.

It make me think… why wouldn’t I want to #1, be in the Word and interested in learning it and memorizing it #2, gain this peace- so that the trials that come are much more superficial seeming compared to the core knowledge of Christ? Why? I get so “busy” and distracted that I miss this peace much of the time. I want more of this in my life, and OUR lives.

3)Pie Making- I got a wild hair this week and wanted to make all the pie! I made 2 pot pies and 2 apple pies (one with crumb topping to say “thank you” to our friends)- And man was it therapeutic! There is something about getting my hands into raw dough- just like my Mom and Gram and several several generations before them that makes me feel like I’m doing something right. I’m usually ok at making crust and it doesn’t turn out too special- but for some reason this batch was awesome! It was flaky and tender (and I don’t use any shortening- just butter- like my Momma). What’s better than a big slice of warm apple pie (with the apples that endured your Costco trip) and homemade vanilla ice cream (THIS recipe- the best!)? …. well, that with friends is better of course!

** Update: I tried the Pumpkin ice cream recipe I mentioned last week- and it was good… but I added a banana.. and I do not recommend doing that… it took away from the flavor.

4)Fishing the Tama- Josh and I have gotten out to the Tama 2 of the last 3 weekends, and have plans to go again tomorrow. It is such a secluded-feeling river (especially for a river running through Tokyo). It is so, so refreshing to get out of the city! After a few hours of feeling the cold water rush over your feet and reading a good book in silence.. the week ahead doesn’t look so bad!


I plan to write a separate post about fishing the Tama sometime next week 🙂

5)A Love that Lasts a Lifetime sermons – Since I’ve been home alone or running errands alone a lot lately, it is so nice to have something to listen to. I didn’t realize what a big difference it can make to have some sort of music, podcast, sermon ect going while I complete chores and prepare dinner. Here are some of my favorites:

The Dave Ramsay Show

A Jesus Church Westside (my Portland Church) teachings

Brooke Frasier Pandora

I’ve been thinking about listening to some books on tape as well, any suggestions in this area?

Anyway, these Love that Lasts a Lifetime sermons (there are 2) by the Comers were fun and encouraging to me. I asked Josh to listen to them with me, and we did the first one today. I highly recommend them if your looking for a refreshing sermon about marriage.

Other highlights:

  • I received a package from my old roommate with PUMPKIN flavored Puffins cereal! If you’ve never had Puffins, I highly recommend them. Peanut butter is my absolute favorite, but I’ve been enjoying these Pumpkin guys!
  • I’m also SUPER excited to get to start working as a dentist! I am shadowing 2 other dentists next week (starting Tue) and can’t wait to get back into it!!

What have been the best things about your week?

Do you have any book-on-tape suggestions?

I hope your weekend is full of relaxation!


4 thoughts on “Five on Friday #7

  1. Kace, I love the Harry Potter series books on tape- I listen to the narrators voice in the car 🙂
    I appreciate your stories of getting locked out of your car but still making the most out of the situation by conversations with friends, abandoning pride and asking close friends for help, and innovative new uses with Bobby pins! I am so excited for you to shadow some Japanese dentists next week!!! I love you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha I was trying!! Bobby pins are just too short! I was seriously thinking “I’ve done more complex, difficult and precarious things to teeth… in a wet environment, trying to fit four hands in a tiny space while placing a matrix in just the perfect place…” Ha ha! You know!! I’m SO excited to get into it again! Ill let you know how it goes 😀 We can share about our first day’s together!!


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