Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo and Shinjuku

Two weekends ago, we decided to be ambitious and visit the most famous fish market in Downtown Tokyo, the Tsukiji (Sue-key-gee) Fish Market.


The market consists of little alley ways and corridors of venders selling fresh fish, dried fish, huge crabs, every different type of soybean imaginable, sushi/sashimi, plates/bowls/trinkets… and so much more. As you can imagine there is a certain smell to the market…. but it’s not nearly as potent as one might think!


Garden wall outside Tokyo Station

There is supposed to be an amazing Tuna auction early in the morning (were talking- you need to get tickets by 4am) … but we weren’t THAT ambitious 😉 At the market, there are people handing out samples all around saying “Hai Dozo” meaning “Yes, please begin” or “go ahead.” It is like a feast for the senses.


These are mochi wrapped treats
DSC_0254 DSC_0252 DSC_0257 DSC_0260

We had lunch at Sushizanmai Honten, and had some of the famous Tuna. I ordered what looked like a “cone” of sushi, with seaweed being the wrapper, and Josh had it as a nigiri roll.



We walked around on the river after our lunch, I was struck by what a green city Tokyo is! There are trees and life everywhere you turn.


This was the tiniest humming bird! I saw it, looked at Josh and said, “That is either a really big bee…. or a tiny humming bird.” We stared it it for a good minute in amazement as we realized what it was! DSC_0272 DSC_0269 DSC_0291

Blue steel?DSC_0293 DSC_0295

Tokyo, you’re too cute.

We ended the day in Shinjuku where we found an awesome fly fishing shop for Josh! He was in heaven 🙂

IMG_0768 IMG_0765 IMG_0764

Hello Kitty construction equipment? Shinjuku, you’re too cute.


You cannot tell from this picture but the sunset was amazing. At least it looks like I made two new friends – to the right!

By the end of the day, we were sure ready to put our feet up. I’m so thankful we got to experience this new place!


2 thoughts on “Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo and Shinjuku

  1. That’s a lot of fish! It’s good to have a partner to explore with:) Tokyo looks clean and green! Who knew! I feel like I’m experiencing it with you guys, thanks!


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