Five on Friday #8

Happy Friday!!!

For the first time in a long time, this Friday actually feels like a Friday to me! That is because I have some exciting news from the last couple of weeks… which leads us into our Five on Friday post! I am combining last week and this week together since I missed last Friday (Sorry! hopefully #2 will explain that 🙂

As always, I love to hear about what things have been going on in your life this week, and what things you are thankful for!


1)Our friend’s baby is here!!!!- our friends had the most beautiful little girl a week ago Monday! She was transferred to the NICU after being born but is doing much better now and got to go home! Hubby and I got to meet her last week when she was barely a week old and take some new born photos. She is the first baby I have felt comfortable holding (especially at such a young age) I can wait to be there as she grows!

1)Starting Work – 😀 This was my second week working as a Dentist! I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to find any way to work as a Dentist here in Japan, so I am incredibly thankful for this job! It is a volunteer position, so I don’t get payed; but I honestly LOVE working! I think the possibility of not having a job for a long, long time has helped me to be thankful for what I do have now… and I didn’t realize how hard it would be to not have employment!

I have a glimpse of what it feels like to be out of a job and search, and search and come up empty handed… I feel for those of you in this situation. Im working on trusting God that He has plans to “prosper” me and not to “harm” me, and that he wants to give me “a future and a hope” (Jer.29:11) even when a payed position seems ‘hopeless’ for me for a couple of years.

I want faith like Abraham, who had many, many years of extreme hardship – but who was the father of a bigger promise God had for him- and for us. Abraham’s willingness to endure the hard times made it possible for us to inherit the promise of God and not just the work of Abraham’s hands. Sure, he could have settled down somewhere in the desert and had a nice little life with whatever he could do by himself— but he didn’t do that. He wanted to do the hard work of following God– not out of selfish ambition, but so that God’s purpose could be achieved.

This inspires me so much to remember that even when things are hard– and they look like they will be for awhile, as long as I’m going God’s way, He has a promise for me — and a job for me along the way. I am learning to accept that if more people will be shown who He is and this period of hardship (even if it could be several years, even if it could be my life) leads to the greater good for His Kingdom, it is the only way I want to go.

Abraham “was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God.”

Lord, help my life’s work to be for this city… not my own. Guide me toward this city. Amen.

3) Apple Dipping with Friends- One of your friends had a “Spouse Social” last Thursday night where all the wives got together and dipped apples in chocolate, caramel and/or white chocolate. We also had tons of different toppings including nuts, oreos, M&M’s ect…. not to mention MORE chocolate and caramel to drizzle over the top! It was great. I forgot how good caramel apples are. This social was just what I needed to hang out with the girls in the mid-week!

4) Chili and Corn Bread- Who doesn’t like this!?!? It’s my favorite! And such a warm hardy meal to come home to on a chilly Fall day 🙂 Josh and I have had several nights of Chili dinners thanks to a big crock-pot batch I made last week.


5) School in the Park- Today I went for a run on the river trail behind our house, and there were tons of Japanese classes walking on the trails and playing in the park! Each class had matching ear-flap hats or scarves. They ranged in age from classes of 25 Two year olds to 50-student Junior high classes! The kindergarten age class was running in the park after their teachers with arms stretched out like a plane, wearing matching yellow ear-flap hats. The two year olds were walking two by two holding hands across a little bridge looking down over the river. Each group of two was holding a Teacher’s hand, it was so adorable, and made my heart melt! I couldn’t help but laugh in joy after seeing their cute little matching hats and look of wonder and confusion! Ha ha!


I’d say that in the 3 mile stretch of river I ran today there were over 200 kids. Some looked like they were having lessons, and some were just running and having fun! What a fun way to learn.

What are you thankful for this week? Has anything fun or memorable happened?



2 thoughts on “Five on Friday #8

  1. Hey guys! I’m glad your friends had their baby! The fall weather is nice, they’re talking snow for next week! Don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. Today is the first day of general hunting season, so there is orange everywhere. I’m trying to figure out what to do for daddy’s birthday. Any ideas? Love you and am praying for you!


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