Five on Friday #9

Happy Friday!!

This week was a busy one in the Drapes household, finishing with an interview for an English teaching position! I will keep you updated with any news on this front. And now it’s time for the top 5 things I’m most thankful for from this past week, as always, I LOVE your comments below!

1)Surprise Package from our Friends!- Some of my friends from school sent us a care package with a sweet note, picture and cookies! Totally made my day 🙂 Josh and I sat on the couch after the work day and had some cookies, just what we needed after this week of early mornings and late nights! I talked to Dad today (see below) and he said that one of the best things in this life is to surround yourself with good friends. The couple that sent us this package immediately came to mind. Do you have friends like this?


2)Lunches with my Hubby- Since Josh and I have both been on base throughout the week since I started my new job, it has been such a wonderful mid-day break to meet at a little park by the clinic and have lunch. I’m constantly reminded how fun and unpredictable this guy is!

3)Taking with my Family- This week I got to have a good long chat with my Mom and Dad. Something about that makes me feel right at peace and refreshed for the week. Cannot overstate how thankful I am for these guys!

4)New Running Spot- One of the Doctors at the clinic recommended I check out Lake Tama. After Wednesday Bible study I decided to go for a longer run, so I headed out to find this trail. Once I reached the lake, the path was beautiful and covered with trees – and welcome shade after the hot day! I got lost no less than two significant times …. which lead to me running through a temple and grave yard the first time….. and backtracking my steps of over a mile the second time…  but I’m still alive! I feel fairly confident that the next time we head up there will be more strait forward. One thing I’ve learned is that you are a stranger to a place but once – after that, there is no where to go but up!

IMG_0861 IMG_0867 IMG_0859 IMG_0858

5)Best Mint Brownie Ice Cream- I made this ice cream on Sunday night and oooooh man is it good! It’s creamy and refreshing, with homemade paleo brownie bites and some surprising ingredients! I will post the recipe as soon as we can take some glamour shots of it! Ha ha!

How has your week been? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

♥ always,



2 thoughts on “Five on Friday #9

  1. Kaci, your new running trail looks beautiful! You should use my motto: “I’m not lost, I’m just exploring.” (We know I’ve used it plenty, but I’m willing to share.) 😆
    So glad you were able to talk to your parents! I’m sure they felt good about it too. Our technology is amazing. Think about it…you’re on different continents and you can talk for free!
    Friends make life so much more enjoyable. I’m meeting some for “coffee” this morning. We have many good friends who would do just about anything for us, and us for them!
    This weekend should be fun. We’re going out to dinner with friends tonight. I’m sure Greg and Cameron will go fishing tomorrow (Kynsi is wedding dress shopping with her mom and sisters this weekend). AND it’s always fun to hand out candy to little trick or treaters! Plus we get an extra hour of sleep because the time falls back this weekend.
    LOVE and MISS you and that fun, unpredictable hubby of yours!!! 💑

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    • Debi Mom! Your motto is so fitting, after getting lost on so many adventures I will have to adopt it! I always think about all the good family friend you and Greg have and hope that Josh and I will be able to make lasting friendships together as you have. It was SO good to talk to you today, it made us both feel refreshed. I’ll be excited to hear when Kynsi finds her dress!! MISS and LOVE you both!! ❤


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