Mount Mitake Hike

I know this post is a *bit* out of season #notevenclose…. but, I wanted to remember this fun fall day.

One Saturday in late October, Hubby and I set out for a hike with some new friends to explore Mount Mitake.


The day before out hike (October 30th) was Josh’s One-year “Japaniversary” meaning he has lived here for exactly one year! He remembered going on this hike shortly after arriving here, and that there were beautiful fall colors this time of year.

The things I want to remember about this hike:

  • Noelle collecting every different color of leaf
  • The fact that there were WAY more stairs than we imagined
  • The beautiful rock steps covered in leaves as we hiked around next to the creek
  • Josh and Josh jousting with sticks on the bridge
  • The fun dinner we had afterward where I attempted to make gluten free pizza for our gluten free friends and it wasn’t very good (sorry!) but we had fun anyway! Ha ha!

Here are some pictures of Mitake in the Fall…




Noelle and her treasures 🙂DSC_0448


How handsome is this guy?!?! Love him.


There you have it! Mitake in the Fall, all the leaves, all the moss, gorgeous.

❤ Kaci


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