Some Old Photos

I found these fun old photos when I was emptying a memory card. These are from when Josh and I were dating and I thought they would be fun to post and remember.

I believe this is from the second time I visited this guy in Colorado. I still remember just how he looked this night and how his car smelled. I also vividly remember the Honey Butter Croissants from Cheddar’s… sooooo good! Ive only had them that one time, but if we ever find a Cheddar’s again, we will get them! I also remember going to The Mill at New Life Colorado that night. Aaron Stern’s sermon series DTR (define the relationship) series is something we went through while dating and I HIGHLY recommend it!


This is Josh and I sitting in his dorm at the Air Force Academy! I always loved him in that shirt (still do). Things I remember about this day are 1) meeting Josh and John’s fun friend Bri and 2) the marks all over Josh’s face from some sort of hand to hand combat class? #notanormalcollege.


This was after a run we did at Josh’s “adoptive family’s” house. I will never forget this family and the inspiration “Momma Bear” had given me for following Jesus. (she is also taking this picture!)


This is us just after hiking The Incline! We hiked up, then ran down… cuz sometimes its actually easier to run than walk!

More of The Incline! Im wearing the same shirt I wore the day we met!


I put this one in here simply because it it so flattering! πŸ˜‰ It was taken sometime after the “Ring Dance” because I’m wearing my Ring Necklace. (Here is a blog post about Ring Dance from another blog that shows the festivities)


These last two are form the ceremony when Josh got his pilot wings! We were engaged then. As part of the ceremony a pair of metal wings its broken in half, Josh is supposed to keep half and I am supposed to keep the other half (which I do keep in my wallet to this day). It is supposed to be a way to keep you connected and keep the pilot safe.

And that’s it! A little blast from the past for fun! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Some Old Photos

    • Yes! I can’t believe how many years it has been, it’s weird to look and these pictures and feel like we looked “so young”😬


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