Our Friends Came to Visit! (Part 2)


Today we are going to have some FUN adventures!

This is the Second of a three part series chronicling our adventures with some of our friends, when they came to visit in early March!

(P.s. If you missed Part 1 you can find that HERE.)

Let’s start out with easily one my favorite days, the day we went to the Owl Cafe


Look at that face!!

What a cutie! Truly, I didn’t think owls were that cute until meeting these guys. We decided to go to the Owl Cafe in Kichijoji (HERE is their official site- THIS link is in English and has a map) because its close by, and they have a Barn Owl (which one of our friends was SO excited about.. you know who you are!)


It is also unlike other Owl Cafes that I’ve heard of, because you can hold and play with as many owls as you want (besides the blind one). At one point, we got to have the Barn Owl (pictured above) fly to and from our arms! It was amazing!



Things to know: You want to make a reservation (HERE is the page for that – but in Japanese, so you’ll want to google translate). You will get a discount if you “Like” their Facebook page.  Open 1-10pm, about 2500 Yen for 60 min.

First you come in and have tea/coffee/juice/pop before seeing the owls…



I see that scowl…


Green Tea

Then the fun begins! You have 60 min once you get inside the Owl’s Habitat.

How funny is this guys expression?!? Ha!


This little guy loved to play with the rope, and have his head scratched. So adorable.

Next up, we went HERE! ….


The Museum of Yebisu Beer 


First you walk through the “Museum” part where you get to learn the history, of the beer making (you have to read the English subtitles because the tour is in Japanese).


Then they teach you about pouring the beer and tasting the beer (which is also in Japanese) you get to try some of the different brews…



See the Logo above?

If you get a Yebisu beer with an extra fish in the fish basket (toward the left) it is a “lucky” beer!

To get to the beer factory, you go to Ebisu Station (the “new” way to spell Yebisu). The station is surrounded by the beautiful Yebisu Garden Place (below)…


There is a huge mall here with tons of shops, restaurants and interesting places to see.

I totally recommend Burger Mania! We went to one over near Roupungi , and it was delicious. If you go, you MUST try the Cherry Burger (with cherry jam and some sort of soft cheese) … its wonderful… and not tiny, like most Japanese burgers.

One of the best parts is if you take the elevator in Yebisu Garden Place tower up to the 38th/39th floor, you can get crazy panoramic views of Tokyo (just like Tokyo Tower)…


Phew, you made it!

There are a lot more adventures I want to take you on… so stay tuned for the THIRD and final part of our adventure where we go to Akihabara and Kamakura, coming next week!

Thanks for traveling with us! Feel free to leave a comment or question below about the places we’ve visited and Ill do my best to tell you what we’ve learned!

❤ Kaci


4 thoughts on “Our Friends Came to Visit! (Part 2)

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  2. Oh my goodness gracious, Kaci!!! What an adventure!!!! The owl cafe looks SO much fun! Beautiful creatures! And I love that y’all went in a big group! Thank you for putting together a exciting blog post- I feel like I am in Japan with you with all of these great photos/captions!
    Love love love!


    • Farielle, you would have LOVED the owl cafe!! Especially the little guy who loves playing with the rope and getting his head scratched! I didn’t know they are so friendly and like interaction… they would adore you!


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