Our Friends Came to Visit! (Part 3)


And welcome to my third and final installment of the “vacation” (staycation?) we took with our friends, who flew in from the states to visit us for a week!

Here are the links if you missed Part 1 or Part 2!

Today we are going to talk about the night we spent in Akihabara (the “technology district”) and the day we spent wearing Kimono’s in Kamakura (a historical district)!

First Akihabara


Im not even 100% sure why we took this picture… but this is pretty representative of what Akihabara looks like… Lots of billboards, advertisements, lights, games, ect.


Akihabara is known as the “Technology District” and it is the place to go for SUPER cheep memory cards. We played Mario Kart here too, cuz that’s how we roll.

But my favorite part, by far, was the dinner we had here…


We ate at an AMAZING ramen shop called Menyamusashibujin (try saying that 5 times fast). Click HERE for specific directions how to get there. The broth is SO rich and creamy and they serve it with a giant slab of what appears to be smoked pork belly. Some of our guests found this ramen too “fishy” – my husband (who doesn’t like fishy things at ALL) like this ramen though, so its something to be aware of if you have picky eaters.

I highly recommend it for all those ramen lovers out there!


Next, lets talk about…


The first thing we did upon arriving in Kamakura is get dressed in Kimono!

back kimono

(Photo cred for above pic: Ari! Thanks Ari!!)

All I have is the address to the place we went: 11-16, komachi 2- chome kamakura, kanagawa japan 248-0006  (its the corner building on the 2nd or 3rd floor I believe)

So pretty!

You wouldn’t know it by that smile, but let me tell you… it was FREEZING this day! It was rainy, and so, so cold.


Here we are walking around trying to find a 7-11 to take out more Yen for lunch!

We went to a Sea food rice bowl place (crab/salmon/rice) because apparently the Sea food is good in Kamakura… and it was good – but a little expensive.

After lunch, we hopped on a bus from Kamakura Station

waiting for bus

(Photo cred for above pic: Ari! Thanks Ari!!)

..and then went to Kamakura’s “Bamboo Forest” also know as the Hokokuji Temple


group kimono

(Photo cred for above pic: Ari! Thanks Ari!!)

… also credit to Ari for giving me her scarf so I didn’t freeze to death! Ha Ha! Love you!!


The bamboo!

We were so cold, Josh pretty much didn’t uncross his arms the entire time! Ha Ha!


Here we are waiting for the bus back to Kamakura station, huddled together for warmth. (note the hand warmer in the upper middle of this photo)

Even though we had several more hours on our Kimono rental, we all decided it was a good idea to head back, change out and get some Starbucks 😀 There is one HERE at Kamakura Station.

Things we learned: 1) It can get expensive to rent Kimono (about 4000 Yen each for the basic Kimono plus 5oo yen for socks- the price goes up if you want a silk kimono- which do have better patterns) 2) You will want to have reservations, especially during the busy seasons (spring/summer) 3) Bring extra yen because 7-11 is hard to find 4) They also rent out kimono shawls to keep you warm if its cold out…. which we didn’t learn until later!

After Starbucks we went here…


The Great Buddha of Kamakura

This Giant, bronze Buddha was cast in 1252! Pretty amazing for that time.

It costs 200 yen to get in to see this shrine, and there isn’t much else here besides this Buddha.

Our last day together we visited THIS Onsen (Japanese Hot Spring). I don’t have pictures of  this. You are not allowed to take pictures here, partly because bathing suits are not allowed.. click HERE to learn about Onsens. It was sooooo relaxing.
Then we went to CoCo’s Curry for their last Japanese meal ❤
CoCo’s is a favorite among our guests… and pretty much all the American guys. It looks yucky, but tastes great! I recommend spice level 3 with spinach and chicken cutlet.

We had SO MUCH FUN with our friends here and were sad to see them go!


Here are some more things I want to remember about their time here:
1. They were brave and tried sushi
2. They liked the apricot and plumb sake (Japanese rice wine)
3. We took a super cool old train in Kamakura
4. The guys all getting crepes at the Golden Poo
5. One of our friends LOVED the barn owl at the owl cafe. She was SO excited to have it fly to her!
6. Eating Melon-pan ice cream sandwiches in Akishima, these are AMAZING!

We miss you friends! Hope to see you again soon!

Who wants to visit us next?!?!

❤ Kaci

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