Shimoda Beach! Day 1

Over Memorial Day weekend, I kidnapped my husband and took him on an adventure! Here is part one, the way down to Shimoda Beach!

Next week, I will post Day 2 {with the beach itself and Shimoda City} and then I will post about Day 3 the following week {with the Seven waterfalls on the way home!}

_JDP1742We started out on Sunday, when we loaded up the car, and headed strait out after Church!

We visited a few places on our way down the Izu Peninsula. First stop…


Atami Castle!


This guy loves castles.

Atami is on the way to Shimoda so, I made this our first stop!


The road up to the castle is a bit confusing, so if you drive around in circles for awhile trying to find the entrance… you’re not alone!

Once you get here, you will park (for 500 yen) and they will give you some towels.

Yes. I thought that was odd too.

We left our towels in the car, and would come to regret that decision for reasons that will become clear later…

Once you buy tickets at the front of the castle, you take the elevator up to the top floor (5th or 6th) and check out some amazing ocean views!

Then you work your way down from floor to floor. The pictures above are the next floor down, which is a small room that has interactive displays with water buckets, traditional Japanese beds (with wooden pillows! – see below) and other antiques.


That’s the pillow! It’s wood wrapped in towels…. and its not as uncomfortable as it sounds.


Next they have a few floors of historic paintings (some of which were REALLY WEIRD), tons of models of castles (made of matches), and antiques like this suit of armor, swords, guns ect.

Then… you come to a surprise around the 2nd floor…


Balcony Foot Jacuzzi!!

So thaaaaaat’s what the towels are for! #onlyinjapan 😉

By far, my favorite part of the Castle. So, bring your towels with you… you’ll appreciate it later.

We continued on down the coast to the Jogasaki Coastline


The lighthouse is just down the path from THIS parking lot.


There is also a 10km hiking trail along this coastline which would be amazing to do someday. DSC_0151

He was humoring me with his modeling skills 😉


I adore lava!

Lastly, we stopped for dinner on the way down to where we stayed (we stayed at an AWESOME place!! More on this next week.)


Here is some of Josh’s Tuna. Yes, Tuna!

I have never seen Otoro (extra fatty) Tuna quite like this. He really liked it. I honestly don’t even know where we stopped… somewhere between the Jogasaki Coastline and Shimoda… about 45min before Shimoda.

It was some conveyor belt chain sushi place, but it was the second best Sushi I have had in Japan so far!

So that about wraps up Day 1!

Next week, the beach, the aquarium, the black ships…. woo!

❤ Kaci


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