Shimoda Beach! Day 2

This is Day 2 of our 3 Day adventure to Shimoda Beach on the Izu Peninsula!

If you missed Day 1 click HERE to get caught up

If you read Day 1, are you curious to see where we stayed???


Here it is, The Earnest House!

I learned about this quaint Bed and Breakfast from THIS post on, and it did not disappoint!

We even ran into the couple that wrote that post, and had so much fun with them on Monday!


They even have bikes and boogie boards you can borrow!


And a fire pit!! I was wishing we brought our ‘smores ingredients.

You can see the parking on the upper left portion of this picture, there were plenty of free spots. The first night, we got here late, it was dark, and there was a fire going here ❤ after we got settled in to our room… we basically crashed for the night!

After a rainy, sleepy night we woke up to this…



Every morning at 8:00 a basket FULL of amazing breakfast treats was dropped off at our door.

The two mornings we were there, the basket included huge breakfast sandwiches with bacon/ham, horseradish mayo, tons of lettuce and thick, juicy tomatoes all served on a croissant-like bread.

It was rainy on this day, so we ate our sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, coffee ect. in the common room of the Earnest house.

like I mentioned last week, we ran into a couple we knew the first morning when we went to eat breakfast, and decided to tag along with them for some adventures!

First we went to MOB (Museum of Black Ships)


Shimoda beach was the first port that Japan opened up to trade ships in the 1850’s which ended Japans “isolation” from the world. We learned about Commodore Perry’s negotiations with the Japanese government and other historical aspects of Shimoda City through pictures, artifacts and a short (15-20min) video (which they are happy to change to the English version if you ask!)

It was fun if you like Museums, but it may be a little boring for kids.

This appears to be a newer museum, and I cannot find the website for it, but it will be on the right as you drive into town from Shimoda beach just before Perry Road.

Next, We sailed on a replica of one of Commodore Perry’s Black Ships


It was not as cool as I though it was going to be. It was plush and on the inside – like any ferry and we couldn’t go up to the second floor (I don’t know if it is alway like this or if it was just because of the wind/rain). I imagined feeling like a real pirate! But I just felt like a tourist. The ride was less than 30 min long and the informational video was only in Japanese… we won’t be doing this one again.

Then, we went to the Shimoda Floating Aquarium!

This was WAY COOLER than I though it was going to be!


It is 2000 Yen (about $20) each to get in, so I was hoping it would be cool… and it totally delivered!

They have tons of interactive and unique animal shows


Sadly, this is the only non-video I have… but here you can see the penguins running around the aquarium on their little path. Look how close they are! It’s amazing how close they let us get to SO many different animals here! We even got to pet a Leopard seal!!!!! (The have FUR by the way!)

Here is the layout…


As you can see, the Aquarium is a semi-circle with a big pool in the middle (connected to the ocean). You walk along the boardwalk to get to the different exhibits including a giant fish tank, penguins, leopard seals, crabs and fish, sea lion, ext. The big ocean pool in the middle is where they keep several dolphins!

Some of the best displays they had were the tiny fish that eat your dead skin, one where you can pet small sharks, and one where they light up shark eggs so you can see the embryos swimming!!!! It was amazing!

If you are here with kids, this is the place to go! And be sure not to miss the dolphin/sealion shows that happen later in the afternoon (13:45 and 15:45) – they were very entertaining! The also have a time right after the penguin show, where you can get your picture taken with a giant penguin.

After this, we walked around the town and tried to go to this cute coffee shop on Perry’s Road, but they were closed (many things close early here)- so we went back to the hotel and hung out/read until dinner time.

We had a really great dinner with our friends at South Cafe in Shimoda City (which we highly recommend). It is a walkable distance from the Earnest house.

And that’s Day 2!

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