Shimoda Beach! Day 3

Welcome back!!

Today I’m posting about Day 3 of our adventure to Shimoda Beach on the Izu Peninsula!

If you missed the posts from the first two days, you can find them here:

Day 1    Day 2

Ok, so…Let’s talk about the breakfast…


LAST WEEK I talked about the giant croissant-like sandwiches that come in the baskets… but there is also a thermos of hot coffee, a flask of juice, pastries, fresh yogurt, fresh fruit (we had pineapple and cherries) and the biggest bananas I have ever seen…



It is in a basket because they encourage you to take it down to the beach for a morning picnic!

The first day we were here it was raining, so we ate in the common room, but the next day was just perfect for breakfast at the beach!



We loved this place, I hope we can get back! I highly recommend getting breakfast included with your room, but there are plenty of cool places to go for dinner (including a nice looking cafe/relaxed bar next door which we hear has good food and South Cafe, which I mentioned last week).

After our long and relaxing breakfast, we started the trek back home.

We made it a point to hit up the Kawazu Seven Waterfalls on the way!


Josh, getting just the right shot


The Kawazu Seven Waterfalls area was super hard to figure out for us!

HERE is a travel post with GPS coordinates!

Things to know:

  1. You’re going to exit just before a giant spiral bridge
  2. You’re going to drive up a little ways into the mountains (about 2 miles) and then you will come to a place where the road splits… one side goes up and one side goes strait. If you go up, you will get to a paved parking lot with a bathroom, but will have to walk back down to get to the waterfalls. If you go strait, you will see a dirt parking lot immediately on your left… no bathroom… but close to the first falls.
  3. That “strait” road I was just talking about turns into a hiking trail that takes you along all seven falls if you keep following it. The first mile or so of the trail has a couple falls, and is paved, wide, and stroller friendly…. After that, you have to hike up switchbacks on more “rugged” terrain to see the rest of the falls.

ALSO, and this is important… there is a BEAUTIFUL natural hot springs at the base of the first falls! I believe it is about 1500 yen ($15) per person to soak, but it looked heavenly. So bring your suit, a towel, and prepare to get lost for a good 30 min trying to find where to pay and enter the springs.

We then went up the spiral bridge (Kawazu-Nanadaru Loop Bridge)… which I found on dangerous… and made our way home!

It was a relaxing, quiet little trip. I truly can’t wait to go back when the weather is nicer and read a book on that beach!! ❤

As always, if you have questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

❤ Kaci

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