Japanese Tea Ceremony, Garden Edition

Happy Tuesday Friends!!

I hope you’ve had a GREAT start to your week so far!

I’m still in Montana visiting family, and soaking up every moment of the USA!! For today though, I wanted to share a sunny day this spring, where my friend Ari and I went to her Grandmother’s friends house for Tea!


Look at these cuties!! Ari and her sister, Ann-Chan ❤

I have briefly written before about the Japanese Tea ceremony. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in a couple ceremonies inside a traditional Tea House. This time, however, the tea was served in a quaint Tea Garden…


We had many, many delicious treats to go with the Matcha Tea…


Green Tea Mochi


Black Sesame Cake


More Mochi Sweets

As I’ve mentioned before, the sweet treats are supposed to cut the bitterness of the Matcha (powdered green) tea.

The ladies performing the ceremony (including our friend’s grandma) were all wearing Kimono, and had beautifully done hair and make-up.



The woman above was so precise in every movement… every angle, turn, and pour was expertly calculated.


This was one of my Matcha cups.

At the end, I was gifted two fans – one for Josh and one for me – and some thick, white, paper napkins for serving the Matcha Sweets! I am always humbled by the generosity of the people we have met here. One example is the time I was trying to buy bullet train tickets to Kyoto. I went to the train station and was wandering around, confused, when a Japanese woman came up to me and asked (in perfect English) if I needed help. After explaining my situation, she ended up taking the train with me back the way she came to help me purchase the tickets!

If you are PCSing, moving to or visiting Japan (the mainland at least) – I can tell you that I have felt very, very safe living here over the last year. The only scary part is driving on the narrow roads! Ha ha!

As always, I would love to answer your questions, so be sure to ask them below!

❤ Kaci


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