Korea… Fabric Shopping

Hey guys!

I have an exciting post for today!

Recently, I’ve taking up quilting. I have a goal to make a Christmas quilt for every room in our house someday. I’ve learned a few things along the way, #1) It usually turns out different than you imagine (sometimes better). #2) It’s going to take at least 40X as long as you thought it would. #3) Fabric can be expensive!!

So, when some quilter friends of mine invited me to go with them to Korea to shop for deeply discounted fabric, I was IN!

You might be thinking… “Really?!?! All the way to Korea for fabric?!?!” … YES!!

This is why it makes sense… we live in Japan and can catch a free “hop” flight to Korea  once a week. We land in the evening and take off the next morning which gives us about one hour to shop once we land and get a taxi to the Fabric Shop.

This is what the store front looks like…


The expenses we had were the taxi from the airport to the shop and back and one night hotel (split 3 ways). So we ended up paying about $40-$50 each for this trip. BUT THE FABRIC!!! The fabric is all name brand, and high quality for approximately 1/3 rd the normal price!  That means, if you need $300 worth of fabric, you only pay about $100 for it.


The shop is called “Happy Quilt” and is located near Osan, South Korea.

GPS Coordinates: 37.020115,127.06462

You can get there by train or by taxi. Because of our time restriction, we took the taxi!

THIS is an AMAZING post with detailed instructions how to get there! Thank you Angela!

After Fabric Shopping, we took to the streets to find dinner!!


We went to dinner at a Korean BBQ place called Hangari Galbi….


My shopping companions!

Jaby (left) was the mastermind behind finding Happy Quilts, and Michelle (right) is an AMAZING quilter with a company called Travel and Stitch! Look for her Etsy store coming soon!


Michelle and I split the Beef Bulgogi and it was good. The best part though, was the Kimchi salad! It was Kimchi dressing over fresh greens, and it was to die for.


After dinner we went to one of the many, many blanket stores and the girls bought HUGE, soft blankets! When in Korea…. I guess!

The we got some stunning and crazy desserts here..


Check these out…


Yes, that is an oreo, chocolate, macaroon shake with a grape on top…. a grape though?!?


Mine was the brownie parfait… and it was a lot more than I could handle!

WARNING: if it costs over $10, it’s probably made to serve more than one person!!

The table across from us had a ginormous ice-cream sundae (such as the “choco ice”) that they split between two men and one woman… and barely made a dent.

After this, there was nothin’ to do but sleep! And prepare for our early flight home.

Tune in next post to see my FABRIC STASH!!!

❤ Kaci 

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