My Fabric Stash!!

Are you guys ready to see The Goods!?!?!

As promised from my last post, Im going to show you all the fabric I got at Happy Quilts in South Korea!


There it is, the stash! Each of the large squares is two yards and the small squares on the bottom are fat quarters.

The best part about going to Happy Quilts (besides the discounted price, of course!) was the quality of the fabric…


Sorry for the blurry photo! Here is my Riley Blake Christmas fat quarter stack!

Aren’t the Reindeer adorable?! ❤


This cost me $25!!

I got several Name-brand quilting cottons such as Kona Cotton and Riley Blake for 1/3rd the price!


Here is another Christmas collection! I can’t with to get started on my Christmas quilts!!


And The Grinch of course 😉

The owner is such a sweet, sweet man. He lets you pick out an extra 2 yards of fabric for every $100 you spend (and he excepts US currency). He also let us wait for our taxi inside the store (after it closed) because it was raining… intact he was INSISTENT we hang out inside!! Then he gave us each 2 MORE free yards of fabric… just because!


In the end, I figure I ended up getting around $450 worth of quilting fabric (not to mention thread) for just over $120. Not too shabby!! I should be set for awhile with this stash… I hope!

 So there it is, my fabric stash! I hope you had fun looking at it with me! If you have any questions feel free to write them below!

❤ Kaci


2 thoughts on “My Fabric Stash!!

  1. You got it Mom! I’ll bring a bigger suitcase next time! 😜 Rachel really wants to go when she visits so maybe that will be a good time!


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