Philipsburg, MT

This summer, my Hubby and I went home for 3 weddings and a baby. I had some time to hang out with my Mom and Dad, and one day we made a trip over to Philipsburg, Montana!


If you have never been to Philipsburg, let me paint a picture for you…

It’s a really small town with a lot of character that sits at the base of the Back Side of the Discovery Ski Area. Discovery is a favorite ski area among my friends and family. Skiing there is familiar, like being home. So many memories, ‘secret’ runs and trees cloaked in thick white pillows of the most fluffy powder you can imagine.

Ater skiing, you can head over to Philipsburg for a burger and milk shake or some barbecue. Of course, no trip to Philipsburg would be complete without hitting up the Sweet Palace… a huge candy store with tons of vintage candy and a plethora of fudge. Wether it’s winter or summer, Philipsburg is a great place to visit for some amazing food, fun shops and small town Montana charm!


This is what the main street looks like. And yes, this is basically all of it!

Our first stop was Up ‘N Smoke, of course. It’s our very favorite Barbecue place.

We got the BBQ salad and Ribs this time, but I’ve had the pulled pork baked potato before too, and it never disappoints. Just down the street, about one block over is a brewery that I have heard rave reviews about.

So where’s the next place you have to visit in Philipsburg, Montana? The Sweet Palace of course?!?!


Let’s be real, this was the main reason for our trip. Mom and I watched a documentary about black licorice one night, and decided we must go check out the selection at the Sweet Palace. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!


This is their licorice wall and a sneaky Mom arm getting some licorice!


They have spicy licorice, salty licorice, licorice sticks and wheels and buttons and every kind I could imagine. These, Hot Peppered Licorice Fire Trucks were as weird as they sound. The weirdest part was that they were filled with spicy goo. I did, however, like the salty licorice, which Mom and I learned about in our documentary!


Those “Red and Black Raspberries” candies are Daddy and my favorite! I think they taste like perfume… in a good way.


These were a random addition and were SO GOOD!! I highly recommend them. The beer flavor Jelly Beans however… not the best impulse buy.


Here is the shop from the back looking to the front.


Then we went upstairs and Dad made me take his picture with this frog.


This is the shop from the top down. That center part is where there are all sorts of chocolate treats, and any kind of chocolate covered nut you can imagine. The front to the right is the cashier and where they make some of the candy in front of you!


Here I am with my stash!


And on the way out they give you free “samples” of any one of their fudges your heart desires. I say “samples” because they are quite a good size for fudge!

We went shopping all up and down the streets next. There are several cute shops, and I ended up finally finding a spoon rest that I like from this place…


Back Creek Pottery had a ton of beautiful pieces I wish I could have taken home! I wasn’t sure much else could survive the flight back to Japan. I talked to the Co-owner and husband to the artist who was working the shop and he said they do custom orders! The shop is located in that cute white building in the background. They are open every day from 11:00-5:00 and will open other times if you call them.

Then on the way back home, Dad suggested we go put our feet in Georgetown lake. Now, I’m not the type to turn down putting my feet in a lake… So that’s what we did.


The last place we stopped was a freshwater spring between Georgetown and Anaconda, MT to fill up our water bottles before heading home. Oh Montana, how I love you ❤

Have you ever been to Philipsburg? I’d love to hear about it! What’s your favorite place to visit there?

❤ Kaci


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