Today I’m going to tell you about Bills.

We were recommended to go there by the two Australian Photographers over at 37 Frames Photography when we participated in a “Share The Light” photo shoot in Kyoto! I will have to do a blog post about that too, Tracy and Dee at 37 Frames are SO much fun!!! I cannot say enough about how friendly and inviting they are. And their photography is distinctive and breath taking. Check out their blog!

Anyways, Dee and Tracy said we had to visit Bill’s, which is apparently a popular restaurant in Australia that has now spread to Tokyo, Korea, and London as well. Another chef friend of ours said that they have the BEST Almond Milk Chai Latte; she said they make their own almond milk… That’s right, they make their own almond milk for their chai latte. If that doesn’t give you a picture of Bill’s then I don’t know what will!


Waiting for the Train to Harajuku!

He has two essentials whenever traveling in Japan: Coffee and a big water bottle!


This is where we waited to get in! It was about a 30 min wait, we went for lunch on a Friday.

We decided to visit their Harajuku location which is in the Tokyo Plaza. They are open 8:00 am – 11:30 pm every day of the week and are positioned right above the Starbucks.


This is what it looks like from the outside. Bill’s will be up at the top (on the left in this picture). It overlooks that outdoor roof garden you can see. You go through that crazy glass shard escalator to get inside. Those are three words I’ve never thought I would use together “glass shard escalator” ha!


Josh got the organic eggs and toast

(although he can’t honestly care less if they are organic)


I got the Corn Fritters with bacon and guacamole! I came in wanting to get the famous ricotta pancakes… but say “bacon and guacamole” and I’m in!


We each got a drink too, which was pricy. The drinks were very fresh, delicious and strong flavored. I told Josh that when I received my Beet and Fennel smoothie, I felt like I got ripped off because it was so small. But, it turned out to be so concentrated, I was glad it was small!


I LOVE BEETS!! There, I’ve said it. Am I the only one?!?

Also, beet and fennel is a wonderful combination. Just sayin’.

Josh got the fresh squeezed lemonade which was good (and strong!) also.

So that’s Bill’s! The food was fresh, beautiful, tasty and unique. It was not cheap, but not hugely expensive for Tokyo, maybe about $20 per plate and $7-8 for a drink? I can’t remember exactly, but it’s not super cheap so make sure you bring plenty of Yen, especially if your wanting to get some appetizers and drinks.

And after that, we went to Josh’s dream place…


Yodobashi Camera!!

We learned about this store from Dee and Tracy also!

dsc_0214How can you say no to that guy?!?! It’s the hardest!!

This is Josh’s absolute favorite camera store. If you go, be sure to bring your Passport and you will get a discount.

And that was our fun Friday at Bill’s! I hope you have a fun date there too!

❤ Kaci

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