Fall Favorites!

Happy Fall Everybody!!!

I keep saying that but I can’t help it! (I would say Happy Fall Y’all, but I’m not Southern enough for that… not even a little bit.) I love this time of year, when the weather gets crisp and makes you feel so alive, with leaves crunching underfoot… when we get to bundle up under scarves and sweaters with coffee or hot chocolate or apple cider…

Oh fall, I love you.

I wanted to show you some cool fall finds from around Japan as well as a little something I made for Halloween time!


Pumpkin Greek Yogurt!

I got this at the Seiyu (like Walmart in Japan… in fact they are owned by Walmart)

It was good, but after talking to my Debi Mom, we both came to the consensus that these new pumpkin greek yogurts could use more SPICE! I plan to spice mine up next time myself.



“Pumpkin” Kit Kats!

They have the a Kabocha squash (to the left in the pic…one of my very favorite squashes now!) on the bag, because that is what the people in Japan call “pumpkin.”

Have you experienced Japanese Kit Kat culture yet? They loooove their novel Kit Kat flavors. I have seen Sake, Green Tea, Wasabi, and the new Cranberry Almond just to name a few… yea, there are LOTS of flavors!

I didn’t think these were going to be that good, but I tried one and they are pretty tasty. I got them at the Don Quixote (which is like a GIANT Big Lots mixed with a dollar store).


My boo shirt! I made it, aren’t you proud?! Im excited to get to wear it for Halloween time. I have another shirt that I made too… but you’ll have to wait until later to see that one.


Our fall Placemats, and Pumpkin Pie candle. My Mom sent me the Placemats last year, and I brought the candle back from Ross before moving here. That thing has been stored and moved so many times, I’m surprised it made the trip and I knew where it was!

That is my Special Avocado Toast on top, incase you missed it!

What are your favorite fall finds this year?

Wishing you all the pumpkin and apple cider your heart desires!

❤ Kaci


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