Favorite Podcasts Right Now

Hey Friend and Family,

I just wanted to say I appreciate all of you! It’s so fun to think that you guys come here and read and hopefully get inspired with travel, food, adventure… It makes me feel like were sharing a little bit of life together and I love that. So thank you!

Today I wanted to talk about some of my current favorite podcasts…

What is a podcast you say? … Well its that little purple app that you can’t un-install and is probably in your “never use” folder on your iPhone.


That one there, in the top left…

It is magic! You are going to love it! Think of Podcasts like talk radio shows about whatever you want. There are literally podcasts for everything.

And don’t worry, Android users can listen too by downloading the Stitcher Smart Radio app.

Josh likes to listen to ones about photography, and I like to listen to ones about faith, marriage and science… Here are some of my favorites!

Top Favorite Podcasts Nov 2016

  1. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
    • Episodes of the Happy Hour come out twice a week with one 1 hour episode on Wednesdays and one 30 minute episode on Fridays. Jamie interviews women of Faith who are doing great things, or just being great people. They talk about “the big things in life, the little things in life, and everything in-between” literally… they cover everything! I love to listen to their conversations when I am feeling lonely and haven’t had girl time in awhile, or when I want to be encouraged in the day to day. She always asks her guests what they are reading a three things they are loving… and now my “must read” list is about 50 books long! Get ready to laugh, think, and just be encouraged… this podcast is definitely one of my favorites!
  2. Marriage More – making your marriage more
    • Marriage More is hosted by a couple; Jeff and Mandy Rose  who are candid and real and normal. They don’t just sit and give advice on marriage… they actually talk about the struggles and the hurts and where they are doing well and where they need to work. I have learned some fun things that we try and incorporate into our marriage, such as naming our “big wins” for the day every night. Before we go to sleep, while were laying in bed, or sometimes at the dinner table I ask Josh what his 1 big win was from the day… and if it is a really good day, we do 3 big wins! It is so fun to hear what went on in his day, and often times I would never have know these things… and they were his BIG WIN! It helps me feel like I get to know more of what is important to him.
  3. The Splendid Table
    • This is the podcast for “people who love to eat” that goes deep into different foods, techniques, chiefs lives, ect… It is so fun to hear the recipes and food stories. My favorite part is at the end where the host (Lynne Rossetto Kasper) answers listener questions about things like what to do with 100 lbs of lemons, and how do I make a dinner from these 5 ingredients… its loads of fun! I like to listen to this while making dinner.
  4. The Big Boo Cast
    • This podcast is just plain fun. It’s laid back, comical and not about anything important at all. The host are Sophie Hudson and Melanie Shankle (one of my all time favorite authors, if you have not read her books, you must run out and order them on Amazon immediately!) They talk a lot about jeans, crackers, and football… and after awhile you just grow to love them. I like to listen to this when I just want something “mindless and happy” for running, folding laundry, ect.
  5. Elise Gets Crafty
    • Now, this one may be pretty specific to me… but it’s a podcast where Elise Blaha Cripe talks to creative entrepreneurs about their small businesses… they have tips on starting a business, growing a business, creativity, branding, working from home, ect. I find it all very inspiring and interesting, but that may just be me! I don’t listen to every episode, but take what I need from the ones that interest me.
  6. Gastropod
    • This podcast looks at “food through the lens of science and history” which is right up my alley! My favorite episode so far is the episode they did on Citrus, where we learn how the Mafia got their start due to the Citrus trade in Italy… so interesting! Occasionally there is some crude language, so keep that in mind if that offends you or you are listening with kids.
  7. And sometimes Radiolab/TED Radio hour
    • I used to listen to Radiolab often when we first moved to Japan. Some of my favorite episodes are the Natzi Summer Camp one and Fu-Go where we learn so really interesting and well told stories about WWII history. Recently, the episodes have been more descriptive and swearing than I appreciate, so I’m being more careful about the ones I choose to listen to.
    • The TED Radio hour is new to me, and although I have enjoyed a couple episodes, I just haven’t listened enough to give it a full endorsement, if you like TED talks, you will most likely like the podcast too.

And those are my favorites right now! So whip out your phone, move that app out of the back of the closet, and start exploring my friends! The key is to find the kinds of podcasts YOU like to listen to. If you start listening to one and don’t really like it, move on… there are PLENTY of fish in the sea!

Do you have any podcasts that you listen to or suggest?! I always love a new podcast!


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